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Mark A. Atchity

President & CEO JCC Advisors, LLC
Pasadena Office





Mark combines entrepreneurial drive with expertise in the world of public and private offerings.

He has supervised thousands of customer accounts and dozens of corporate finance deals. Starting as a stockbroker, Mark was promoted into managing growing brokerages as their Chief Financial Officers and CCO’s. Mark has hands-on experience in key employee and vendor contract negotiations, securing lines of credit and managing complex data systems. He oversaw the growth of brokerages of several sizes, one of which grew from a handful to 650 brokers.

The Great Recession convinced Mark that he wanted to be in control of his own destiny. Mark came to Janas intending to find an acquisition of his own. However, it quickly became apparent to Janas that Mark had significant investment banking and brokerage experience that we desired. In addition to his obvious brokerage expertise, Janas was impressed by Mark’s understanding of start-up and middle market finance as well as his energy, enthusiasm and entrepreneurial drive. After several meetings we persuaded him to pursue his entrepreneurial ambitions within the context of Janas.

JCC Advisors, LLC was formed to provide Janas Investment Banking clients with access to public and private markets to attract capital, raise debt and pursue mergers. JCC leverages Mark’s 15 years financial industry management and contacts to provide a sophisticated view of public and private placement markets.