Investment Banker – Rick Andrade


Rick Andrade

Managing Director
Pasadena Office




Rick Andrade has been providing business owners answers to their challenges for over 25 years.

After graduating from UCLA with a BA and MBA, Rick worked at the elite Anderson Consulting firm (now called Accenture) and Ernst & Young’s CapGemini. Rick soon gave into his entrepreneurial impulses and founded his own firm. His mission was to help middle market firms formulate compelling expansion plans and obtain growth financing.

Many of those expansion plans were in anticipation of the owners’ exit. And Rick, as their trusted financial advisor, began to help clients with selling their businesses.

Rick is particularly adept at helping business owners and executives maximize value, leverage resources and streamline operations. He has provided consulting services to Fortune 500 companies including Amgen, Mellon Bank, Sky Chef, and Warner Bros, to design and implement state-of-the-art finance and performance management strategies and systems.

He has translated his Fortune 500 companies’ strategies for success into practical plans for middle market and small business enterprises. Since the mid-1990’s he has helped dozens of owners formulate strategies to improve their businesses, install systems to measure their progress and attract the growth capital they need.

In his spare time, Rick writes and speaks to Senior Executives at various trade organizations and events around the country. He is also a volunteer for SBA/SCORE where he teaches a popular workshop on How to Buy or Sell a Middle Market Business.

Rick brings the sophistication of world class consulting to the middle market, helping clients achieve their most ambitious goals.