Management Consultant – Joe Feig


Joe Feig

Managing Director
Pasadena Office





In addition to being a talented consultant and deal maker, Joe has decades of hands-on experience in fixing accounting and control issues for his clients. His expertise has helped clients end employee theft, control inventories, collect problem receivables, settle disputes and provide worried lenders with trustworthy information.


For instance, Joe stepped into the CFO position at a Janas client whose deal was collapsing due to accounting and control issues. Joe addressed accounting issues within a few weeks. A few months later, the company sold for 10 times EBITDA in a 5 times market.


Joe started his career in the energy field working for a public utility in Massachusetts, then ARCO, where he utilized his degree in chemical engineering. Joe rounded out his corporate training at General Instrument and Good Hope Industries. At The Allen Group, Joe was Vice President, Finance and Administration of the Automotive Accessories Group, that grew it into one of the largest suppliers of aftermarket accessories to US retail chain stores.


Joe went on to found his own consulting practice, JMF Consulting, that advised clients in manufacturing, distribution and business services. Joe had a reputation for rolling up his sleeves to upgrade operations through better accountability and control. He successfully raised equity, obtained financing and optimized cash flow at companies ranging from internet service businesses to motion picture studios; from manufacturers of mountain bikes and architectural interiors to distributors of ceramic tiles or auto parts.


In 1998, he hired on as CFO at Trinagy, Inc., a start-up developer of software for data network performance management. Joe arranged venture funding from Bear Stearns. In 200, Trinagy was sold to Hewlett-Packard at a substantial profit.


Joe opened his own family business, I Want That, LLC, a  women’s contemporary knit fashion designer and manufacturer. The company achieved substantial success, being carried in more than 400 stores when the Great Recession put half of its customers out of business.


Joe earned a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Columbia University and an MBA from Boston University with Honors.


At Janas, Joe has completed assignments in the turnaround of a fabric manufacturer, a multi-divisional distributor and an internet retailer. He has bridged the gap between his clients and their bankers and suppliers to recapture value even in seemly hopeless situations.