Investment Banker – Bill Garnett


Bill Garnett

Managing Director
Pasadena Office





Bill is widely recognized for his skill at finding specialized sources of financing that help his clients rapidly grow their businesses.


For instance, his first two projects at Janas utilized specialized government programs to enrich his clients. In one case he negotiated a transaction that secured more than $100 million in solar tax benefits by arranging financing and transportation to take advantage of expiring incentives. In another case, he found financing for international transactions that will more than double his client’s sales, paving the way for global expansion.


Bill founded a nationally recognized equipment leasing company, managing it for more than 20 years before merging it with a Midwestern regional bank. He was also Senior Vice President of National City Bank where his clients included Xerox, British Petroleum, SolarWorld, Crown Bus Company and Cal Air/JCI.


Bill was a founding partner and President of On Call Communications, a mobile satellite telecommunications firm providing remote satellite video uplink service to major networks, AT&T, the USTA and Federal Government. The firm developed several unique systems, services and patented products before being sold to AT&T’s Federal Services group


He founded Clean & Renewable Energy Funding, LLC (CARE Funding), a project financing and equipment leasing firm serving the clean and renewable energy industry and its customers. Prior to that, he was a Managing Director of Clean Energy Capital Securities, LLC, an investment bank and financial advisory firm specializing in renewable and clean energy finance and equipment leasing.. He is a frequent speaker at national conferences on renewable energy financing.


Bill holds a BS degree in Economics from Loyola Marymount University. He served as a board member of the Equipment Lessors Association.