Management Consultant – Robert L. Moore


Robert L. Moore

Managment Consultant
Honolulu Office




Bob Moore has more than 35 years of experience in the Visitor Industry and the Real Estate Industry in Hawaii and the Pacific Rim. He has served as a consultant engaged by various companies and as Project Manager for a variety of projects.

Bob was a Management Consultant with Pannell Kerr Forster & Company and engaged in the preparation of economic feasibility studies for hotels in the Pacific Rim. He was a team member on such projects as a Tourism Development Plan for the Republic of China (Taiwan.)

He successfully acted as Project Manager and established a marketing program for sale of real estate projects outside the State of Hawaii. He registered projects in Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the States of California and Colorado, including the establishment of brokerage contracts for sale of projects.

For more than a decade, Bob was the General Manager of Sea Life Park Hawaii, a popular visitor attraction. His duties included responsibility for park operations and oversaw financing, human resources, long-range planning and marketing. He directed a $10 million budget for successful park renovation and expansion that allowed supervisors to succeed through teamwork.

Subsequent to his employment at Sea Life Park Hawaii, he served as an independent consultant for Sea Life Park Hawaii and Waimea Valley, where he supported the development of joint marketing and accounting for the two locations to ensure maximum market exposure and collection and use of supporting data for operationg decisions.

Bob was Executive Director for the Waikoloa Marine Life Fund/Pacific Maritime Life Foundation where his duties included administration, fund raising and public relations. Subsequently, he served as General Manager of the Hawaii Maritime Center/Bishop Museum. His efforts included sales and marketing, community relations, financial management exhibit planning, staff supervision and day-to-day operations. These assignments were for a total of eight years.

Most recently, Bob has been an owner and partner in an airline concierge service that works with distressed passengers whose flights were delayed or canceled. The firm services passengers for 18 airlines in the State of Hawaii.

Bob received a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Hawaii and pursued graduate work in Business. He is a Director of the Hawaii Attraction Association and Aloha Festivals, Hawaii Visitor Bureau Research Committee, a member of the American Zoo & Aquarium Association, Pacific Area Travel Association (PATA) among others.


Bob has an in-depth knowledge of the Visitor Industry and affiliated businesses both as a consultant and an operator. He is adept at bringing people together to serve client needs