Success Stories

The Firm serves divisions of Fortune 50 giants, privately owned companies and governmental entities to resolve issues and enhance results. The people of Janas Consulting have experiences that parallel our clients’ experiences.

Janas achieves uncommonly successful outcomes for its clients by recruiting consultants from the top ranks of industry and finance. Our consultants draw upon their extensive experience to provide visionary business advice and innovative solutions. And, unlike our competitors, Janas only allows senior personnel to work on your engagement.

Janas provides consulting services in five categories: Operations consulting, Valuations, Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis/Modeling, and Litigation Support. Here are a selection of our many Uncommon Success stories:

Operations Consulting

LcKda6jMi From Start-up to Industry Star (Operations/Supply Chain Consulting) – AMD Lasers …View More

LcKda6jMi Negotiating the Hidden Curves on the Road to Success (Operations Consulting/Litigation Support) …View More

LcKda6jMi Changing a Painful Loss of Business into Record Results (Operations Consulting) – Medical implant …View More



LcKda6jMi Turning the Tide on Stalled Maritime Merger (Valuations) – Underwater maintenance and repair  …View More

LcKda6jMi Revaluing The Dog Whisperer as it Leaps into New Media (Valuations) A popular reality TV show …View More

LcKda6jMi Making the Parts Worth Twice the Whole (Valuations) – A diversified energy company …View More


Strategic Planning

LcKda6jMi Retooling Client’s Exit Plan to Increase Value 450% (Strategic Planning)Automotive parts company …View More

LcKda6jMi Building a Path for Owners with Diverging Objectives (Strategic Planning…View More

LcKda6jMi A Key Hire Can Make All of the Difference (Strategic Planning) Engineers  …View More

LcKda6jMi Turning Deadbeats into Dollars (Financial Management)A Los Angeles manufacturer …View More

LcKda6jMi Despite the Great Recession, Fast, Full Price (Strategic Alternatives) – Santa Barbara Olive Company …View More


Financial Analysis and Modeling

LcKda6jMi Helping Seller Mop Up $2 Million Environmental Hazard (Long-Term Obligation Settlement) …View More

LcKda6jMi Disappointing Acquisition Makeover into Beautiful Outcome (Purchase Price Adjustment) …View More

LcKda6jMi Forensic Analysis Results in Settlement for Only 5% of Claims (Accounting Forensics) …View More 

LcKda6jMi Making Earnouts Pay (Earn-outs and Contingent Payments)  …View More 


Litigation Support

LcKda6jMi Advising Creditors Committee on Underwater Residential Real Estate (Litigation Support)  …View More

LcKda6jMi Reducing Post-Closing Trauma (Litigation Support) …View More

LcKda6jMi Turning a Competitor’s Lies into Life Altering Award (Valuation Analysis) …View More

LcKda6jMi Adverting a Big Box of Double Indemnity (Post-Bankruptcy Litigation)  …View More  


All of which shows that Janas doesn’t just have success stories. We have uncommon success stories.

Let us help you write your success story. Contact us at 626-432-7000.