Investment Banker – Barton F. Webb

Barton Webb

Barton F. Webb

MBA, Managing Director
Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego





Barton Webb is an innovative entrepreneur and turn-around CEO with 25 years of experience in middle market Aerospace concerns in Southern California. Unlike most Consultants and Investment Bankers, Bart has bought, grown and sold his own company. In addition, he has substantially improved operations and sales volumes at the companies he’s managed, generating tens of millions of dollars of value. Janas is delighted that Bart leads Janas’ Aerospace and Defense practice.

Commonly called on by his associates and friends for business solutions, fresh ideas and sober council, Bart joined Janas Associates as a platform for promoting and enriching his clients with a broader range of services including Consulting, Corporate Finance, Mergers and Acquisition. His many accomplishments include:

  • Bart created a 1st tier, Boeing supplier with design rights and FAA/EASA repair station certification while serving as President for Keeley Aerospace. Acquired DLN Enterprises in 2003. Grew and sold company to Hanwa Corp, $24B ROK public company in 2010.
  • He obtained AS9100 certification, design and development engineering capabilities at Eran Engineering. Grew Aerospace customer base to fill capacity and rebranded company to Precision Aerospace and Technologies, Inc.
  • Bart turned around Castle Precision Industries and Crown Chrome Plating into a 20% EBITDA powerhouse as CEO and CFO.
  • He installed corporate structure and innovative customer service/outside sales processes that tripled the sales of HRD Aero Systems. Acquired manufacturing company PMAC Industries.


With deep and wide experience in the Aerospace Industry – manufacturing, engineering, repairs and maintenance and global distribution – he credits his past successes to identifying organizational weaknesses, strategically adding to certified capabilities, and developing proprietary processes. He has a keen eye for putting together a winning team.

Bart holds a BS in Business and Commerce from the University of Houston, Cum Laude, and an MBA from California Coast University. He received a Letter of Commendation from Howard Berman, US Congressman from the 26th District of California, for developing commerce in the San Fernando Valley. Bart has continuing education from the American Graduate University in Costing, Pricing and Acquiring US Government Contracts, Contract Management, and Federal Acquisition Regulations.

Bart’s unique talent of matching people and situations leads to success and growth for his clients.