From Start-up to Industry Star

JanasConsulting(Operations/Supply Chain Consulting) — AMD Lasers had a revolutionary new product designed to bring laser dentistry to the masses. Janas helped set up the company for rapid expansion, recommending key employee hires, negotiating generous credit terms from foreign suppliers, securing intellectual property and winning a succession of product price reductions, which resulted in a 50% cost savings. AMD’s Picasso laser sales took off, doubling the number of soft tissue lasers in the US in only two years. Significantly, this was accomplished without requiring the founder to give up any equity prior to his sale to DENTSPLY. The founder of AMD Lasers was able to stay on, with the opportunity to significantly share in the company’s future success. “Janas was my mentor, consultant and financial guru,” he said. “I would never have accomplished any of this without Janas.”


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